Davis Shows Northwest - A Family Tradition

Safety: A Top Priority at Davis Shows Northwest!


General Ride Restrictions & Rules

  • All riders must fit into seats and restraints properly and hang on, sitting
    upright to ride.
  • All riders must have armband, ticket or office pass to ride. No unpaid /
    un-ticketed riders. The only exception is the carousel. A parent is allowed to
    stand between horses and hold their child without paying.
  • Safety regulations do not allow us to permit pregnant ladies to ride so not to
    injure the unborn child.
  • All rides have safety rules and guidelines and height restrictions. Please
    review them before purchasing tickets.
  • Not all rides listed at any one location.
  • Some people with casts or similar conditions can get a waiver from the office to
    ride. A minor must have a parent sign the waiver. Rider with cast will have
    certain restrictions as to what rides you can ride.
  • Handicap or special needs – May ride if they can get on and off the ride and fit
    restraints properly, hang on properly. If they need assistance they must have
    someone with them that can assist and handle them as we are not trained. Whoever
    is with them must be responsible for them and be able to judge their limitations
    for appropriate rides.
All of us here at Davis Shows Northwest, look forward to serving you with a safe and fun show. Check out our schedule to see where we will be next!